Kannada Jogi sequel Jogaiah (Jogi part 2)

Jogi part 2Kannada Jogi sequel Jogaiah (Jogi part 2). Director prem is now heading to make sequel his popular hit Jogi after his earlier movie Raaj did not succeed as expected. The sequel of Jogi will named as Jogaiah as per the gossip in Gandhinagara, this movie will be 100th film for hat trick hero Shivrajakumar. This movie will be produced by the director Prem himself and the actress of the movie may be again Jennifer kotwal.

Asking Jennifer kotwal abouth this, she replied -
"I have received calls from the team and I am considering taking up the project, but I haven't signed any contract as yet. Jogi 2 is based on the real incident. They've told me they have created a character that resembles me in real life and that they will give me another song, like in the first movie, that is sure to bring out the Jogi heroine in me, but Everything can be confirmed after the first day of shooting of the film."

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