Jogayya Kannada Movie Review

Jogayya Kannada Movie Review. Latest Kannada film Jogayya reviews and star rating from different sources. Shivrajkumar's 100th movie Jogayya review, there are mixed responses for the film.

Supergoodmovies - 3/5
The first half is not a lively and kicking one for the audience. That is made tolerable because of three songs. In the second half the feast of underworld is given for the front benchers. There is only struggle in this film but not the substance. The rocking hero of Kannada cinema Shivarajakumar even today is not properly made use by director Prem.

Rediff - 2/5
So what then lives up to the hype that was generated? Songs, undoubtedly. Why else would one want to watch the film? For Shivarajkumar. The actor has the same energy, innocence and aura of Jogi. Pooja Gandhi is cast in small role. Heroine Sumeet Kaur is mostly limited to songs. Jogi was undoubtedly more powerful than Jogayya….

OneIndia - 4/5
The movie has been made wonderfully, but it does not mean that there are no drawbacks in it. The movie has several lapses and inconsistencies, which go unnoticed due to the interesting narration of the story. Overall, it is a perfect entertainer movie, which should not be missed out this weekend. Watch it in theatres.

Bellitere - 2.5/5
In his 100th film, Shivarajkumar does well. But he had a better scripted and believable character in Jogi and this character is just a patch on that. But he a livewire in the film as usual. An average film. Shivarjkumar deserved better in his 100th film.

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