Krishnan Marriage Story Movie Review

Krishnan Marriage Story Movie Review. New Kannada film Krishnan Marriage Story review and star ratings by different sources. The movie Krishnan Marriage Story stars Ajay and Nidhi Subbaiah in lead roles and here are the reviews.

Rediff - 2.5/5

Nutan's maiden effort has a perfect beginning. Had he retained the charm of the first half, Krishnan Marriage Story would have been the big fat Indian wedding that every family in town would want to attend!

Supergoodmovies - 2.5/5

Running so well in the first half ‘Krishnan Marriage Story’ falls flat in the second half! Brevity is what this director should have learnt. The narration and dialogues are circumspect in the first half. Otherwise the film looks like a television serial.

Bellitere - 2.5/5

There is an army of character artists who play a close knit family and they might be offended if we review their performances separately! Suffice to say that they have all done well. An ok film, which could have been much better!

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