Lift Kodla Movie Review and Ratings - Jaggesh, Komal

Lift Kodla Movie Review and Ratings - Jaggesh, Komal. Latest Kannada movie Lift Kodla Review starring Jaggesh, Komal, Raju talikoti, and Archana Gupta, here are the reviews -

Bangalore Mirror - 3.5/5
Lift Kodla, a remake of the Telugu movie Mee Sreyobhilash, is an emotional drama with a liberal dose of humour. Cinematography by Ashok Cashyap is breathtaking. The dialogues are crisp and engaging. Komal and Raju Talikote impress in their respective roles as a failed film actor and bus driver. Inspite of some glitches, the film is worth a watch.

Lift Kodla is one of those rare films that will lift the spirits of the audience. Most film makers claim that their films have 'message.' But Lift Kodla definitely has more than that. Cinematographer Ashok Cashyap, who has directed this film, has managed to tell a positive story in a crisp narrative laced with dollops of humor.

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