Krishna Love Story Movie Review - Ajay, Radhika pandit

Latest Kannada movie Krishna Love Story Review. The Kannad film Krishna Love Story stars Ajay and Radhika pandit, which is directed by Shashank. Here are the reviews -

Rediff - 3/5
The film is partly based on a true incident and thus has a real feel to it. It brings out the head versus heart dilemma that the youth in 'love' faces. However you may find it hard to digest a few sentimental dialogues and decisions. The second half drags a bit as well. Chandrashekar's camera work stands out in the climax. Krishnan Love Story is worth a one time watch.

Bellitere - 3/5
Overall, Krishnan Love Story is a neat film. If the second half was as good as the first half, it could have been really good.

IndiaGlitz - 3.5/5
Shekar Chandru’s climax, capturing of water falls, the rush of water, mountains plus greenery is impeccable. In the top angle shots Shekar Chandru is extremely good. This film would give him awards.

BangaloreMirror - 2.5/5
Shashank manages to create interesting characters, but the room for them to grow remains limited. He pays great attention to character details, but fails to bring them together in the right proportions. Brilliant cinematography by Shekar Chandru and art work are aspects to watch out for, in the film. The music, though pleasant, isn’t great to give the film a push. Radhika Pandit, who plays Geetha, does a brilliant job while Ajai packs in his acting prowess.

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