'Sugreeva' movie review - Shivrajkumar

Latest Kannada movie 'Sugreeva' review starring Shivrajkumar. 'Sugreeva' has been shot and made in 18 hours only which has entered in Guinness Book of World Records. Here are the reviews of film Sugreeva-

Bellitere - 2.5/5
Strangely, the film has not compromised too much because of its unbelievably short shooting time, except the blur of the camera in few places. But again, this brings us back to the question; how does shooting a film in 18 hours help the quality or even the business of the film. Some may argue that people will throng to the theatres to see the world record breaking film and hence, it will help the business of the film.

IndiaGlitz - 3.5/5
This is a Shivarajakumar film all the way. His workaholic ability and devotion to the work has earned him good results. He never looks strained and in emotion filled roles Shivarajkumar is peerless. The camera work by 10 specialists is pleasant and there is no disturbance to the eyes. This film is inspired from English movie ‘John Queue’. Worth watching!

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