Kannada movie Pancharangi story, cast and details

Kannada movie Pancharangi is Yograj bhat's next film, starring Diganth and Nidhi Subbaiah in the lead roles. The film deals with 5 aspects of life. Hence the name pancharangi, which means 5 colors of life. The story is based on various aspects of life such as Parents, Friends, Goals, Success, Failure, Love, Marriage, Kids. This will be the fourth time Diganth will do a film with Bhat. But it seems YB sees repeat value only in heroes and not in heroines. In fact, he has not repeated either the heroines or the cameramen for any of his film till now. While Krishna handled the camera in Mungaru Male, Ratnavelu took up the mantle in Galipata, which was given to Satya Hegde in Manasaare. In Pancharangi, Tyagu will handle the camera.

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