Samagama movie review

Latest Kannada film Samagama review starring Vishranth, Shasheel Raj. Music of the movie is composed by Kiran and movie is directed by Kasthuri Jagannath. Here are the reviews from different sources -

IndianGlitz - 2.5/5
Sri Sai Innovators fail to invoke any substance in this below average film ‘Samagama’. The need of the present genre and market demand is not given a thought in this carelessly made film. Of course there are two lovely songs and cinematography are good. But that cannot lift the film in the box office.

A well-made film usually makes up for the glitches and drawbacks that creep in the narrative. But there are a few mistakes that layers of greasepaint cannot erase. One such mistake is the selection of the lead actor.

Ramakrishna sleep walks through his role. ‘Samagama’ is another film that raises hopes of a better year for the industry. A good time to pay a visit to the nearest theatre.

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