Minugu review - Pooja Gandhi, Sunil rao

Latest Kannada flm Minugu review starring Pooja Gandhi, Sunil rao in lead roles. Here are the reviews of movie Minugu from popular sources -

Bellitere - 1.5/5
The surprise package of the film is Sangeetha Shetty. The girl who played tom-boyish college lass in Moggina Manasu plays a nagging, but loving sister of Sunil Rao in this film. She looks good and acts reasonably well in the movie. Akshata is ok. Minugu doesn’t shine and you can give it a miss.

IndiaGlitz - 3/5
Sunil Rao known on silver screen as a fun creating hero deserved some joyous moments. Ajitha Handhe gives a striking performance in his debut. Goapu has used the western tunes a lot and strain the ears. Satish Kumar cinematography jell well with the cinema.

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