Shishira Kannada movie review

Shishira Kannada movie review. Latest Kannada film Shishira review which is directed by Manju Swaraj starring Yashas, Meghana and Prema. Here are the reviews by different sources -

Bellitere - 3/5
Manju Swaraj’s direction loses its spike the moment there is no spookiness in the scenes. The second half of the movie gets little draining at times, but overall it’s quite engaging if not nail-biting, making it worth a watch.

Rediff - 3.5/5
Yashas, who has acted earlier in Yuga Yugagale Saagali, comes out with a brilliant performance. He is definitely a talent to watch out for. Prema, who returns to the film industry after a while, fills the role perfectly. The tall Santosh is quite frightening in the film. Meghana and the other artistes are impressive.

IndiaGlitz - 3.5/5
Technically this is a good film to watch. Cinematography by Suresh Babu is admirable. In one location using the pitch darkness and making use of the lighting Babu gives good effects. This is a passable film from a newcomer Manju Swaraj!

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