Male bille movie review

Malebille movie review. Latest Kannada movie released this week is Malebille starring Akshay, Pragnya, Diganth. The film reviews by different website have been negative. The movie lacks everything and not recommended by the reviewers. And here are the reviews..

Bellitere -1/5
Sukhadhare’s Malebille is a stereotype personified in every aspect of filmmaking from the first frame to last frame. Its same old predictable story. (Read full review)

Rediff - 2/5
The real asset of the film is Manikanth Kadri's music, the choreography is found lacking. The background music oscillates between good and ordinary. Suri's cinematographic work is above average. All in all, Male Bille suffers mainly because of an indifferent script. (Read full review)

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